Spectacle en page

This project, carried out as part of a typography course, was completed in two stages. The first one consisted of sketching a typeface, in order to learn the basics of type design. And for the second stage, we were asked to use our sketches and lay them out to illustrate different contrasts (such as small/large, empty/full, etc.), adding to this a few lines of text. For this purpose, I used a text that I wrote myself.


Je sens le vent souffler dans mes cheveux, en haut de cette falaise.

J’entend le clapotis des vagues, plusieurs mètres plus bas.

Doucement, je relève la tête, j’observe.

La vue est si belle qu’elle me coupe le souffle.

J’inhale une bouffée d’oxygène, hume l’air marin.

Brusquement, mes yeux s’ouvrent.

Le rêve prend fin, bien trop tôt.

I can feel the wind blowing in my hair, up on that cliff.

I can hear the lapping of the waves several meters below.

Slowly, I raise my head, I’m watching.

The view is so beautiful that it’s breathtaking.

I inhale a breath of fresh air, smell the air from the sea.

Suddenly, I open my eyes.

The dream ends, far too soon.


School project (typography course)

Type of project